Craniosacral bodywork

Craniosacral work is a gentle, subtle form of bodywork, which evolved from craniosacral osteopathy. Craniosacral work involves the whole body with a focus upon cranium, spine and sacrum. It centres around an impulse whose rhythmic movement is spread across the whole body and which can be felt with one’s hands. The energy of this impulse is called craniosacral rhythm or cranial wave.

Craniosacral bodywork is an exeptional method to identify and remove energy blockades and impulse restrictions thus aiding healing and strengthening one’s immune system. Thus the energy is freed in order to circulate across the body.

Visionary craniosacral work is an approach to aid inward and outward personal development.

“Some of us do not need to fall asleep in order to have visions”; W. Sutherland.

CRANIUM helps improve your health, self-esteem and creativity based on mindfulness and competence.